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The Lilies by Our Lady’s Grotto

The lilies by Our Lady’s grotto are in bloom just in time for her Novena! Why is Our Lady so special to us Carmelites? Well, we believe that God, in His great love for us, chose the Order of Carmel to exist in the Church to venerate her. You may remember the reading from the book of Kings (1 Kings 18:44) about “the little cloud rising from the sea.” For us, the passage symbolizes the prophecy of a Virgin who will bear a Son. It is a call to Elijah who was looking from on top of Mount Carmel and to us who follow in his footsteps to venerate and praise the Mother of God.

Hail Flower of Carmel!

Hail Fruitful Vine!

Hail ever Immaculate Queen

In Whom all virtues shine.

O Mother mild, implore your Son

To hear our prayers now

And at the hour of our death.


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