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This is an instant download, PDF version of Sweet Carmel Volume II. 


Carmelite Monastery of Morristown - Cookbook Fundraiser

Resulting from the love and support of benefactors, the 2020 cookbook fundraiser for the Carmelite Sisters of Morristown generated funds that helped the Sisters with some of their many needs. For their elderly and infirmed Sisters, they were able to purchase a hospital bed, a reclining chair, as well as other durable medical equipment. The Sisters are very grateful to all of their benefactors. 


Volume II of the Sweet Carmel cookbook series focuses on traditions and meals from around the world on Catholic holidays. The cloistered Sisters have granted us the immense privilege of inviting us inside their sacred walls where peace immediately encompasses the soul. The Sisters provided commentaries on their holiday traditions, prepared their recipes, and permitted photographs of their meals with a desire to share aspects of their liturgical living with their benefactors. This truly is an insightful publication which endears us even more to our beloved Sisters and the sacrificial lives they choose in their desire to make themselves more pleasing to God. Additionally, volunteers have offered unique recipes from around the world to introduce your tastebuds to new holiday traditions.


    Digital Edition - SWEET CARMEL VOLUME II -Traditions Around the World

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